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Successes in 2023 – A message from the MD

Wow, what a year we have had here at H2R Selection for2023!

As we begin to think about Christmas (and taking a well-deserved break) we are also super excited for 2024!

We have broken a number of records here at H2R Selection this year and a big part of our success has been our amazing team, our industry-led events, promoting our brand and our work in supporting some amazing Charities including theMarmalade Trust, Cancer Research UK and Children’sHospice Southwest in which we have raised just under £4k.

One of the biggest things that I am particularly proud of is the H2R Selection team and our strong commitment to providing a quality service.
We really do care at every step of the way for each of our clients and work hard to build long term relationships.

On the HR & recruitment side we have worked very closely with our clients and candidates and have placed some extraordinary talent across IT, Sales, Marketing, Finance and HR roles this year.

All of us at H2R Selection are very excited about 2024 and looking forward to continuing to support many of our existing clients and building new relationships with businesses in the future.

Richard Freke
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Client news

Helping organisations and individuals is what we do, and below are some examples of recent successes we have had. We prioritise a good experience and service to anyone that we work with.

Antidote logo

Antidote Communications

Antidote Communications is a leading PR and communications consultancy with offices in Bristol and London. Founded in2014, we started working with them in August this year, advising on policy and process,legislation changes, best business practice and so on. Now nearly 10 years old, we hope to continue supporting them in their growth plans.


Snap Analytics

Helping businesses deliver exceptional outcomes using their data, technology and teams, we have had the pleasure of working with Bristol based tech company, Snap Analytics, since 2021.

We have focused on improving and streamlining their new starter onboarding process, ensuring policies are compliant, relevant and up to date, as well as providing robust HR advice to support them with their ambitious growth plans. This is an exciting time for Snap Analytics, and we look forward to continuing to support them.



Loqbox offers a unique opportunity for individuals to build their credit score and savings to improve their financial health. It was clear that Loqbox’s mission to empower individuals on their journey to financial well-being was more than just a goal, it was a driving force behind the company’s culture.

We’ve supported Loqbox with all aspects of HR since 2022 and have enjoyed working on various HR projects that align with their values, as well as helping to continue to achieve a positive workplace for all employees.

Cow & Sow logo

Cow & Sow

The Cow & Sow is a renowned steakhouse , the restaurant prides itself on a refined and sophisticated atmosphere, attention to detail, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service.

With a drive to create a better employee experience, we’ve been supporting The Cow & Sow with HR since early 2023, working on streamlining HR practices while initiating online processes to become more sustainable and working towards creating an enjoyable employee experience.

Maintaining great relationships with our clients

Congratulations! Big well done to Beverly Flood, Head of People – Monmouthshire Building Society

We love building long term relationships with our candidates and are
always excited when they land a new role!

‘2023 has been a personally rewarding and enriching year. Moving into the Head of People position, I’ve had the opportunity to refresh the People Strategy and also create our People Programme to support delivery of Strategy. I’m grateful to work with an amazing team, who are passionate & professional delivering to our colleagues, members and communities. I’m looking forward to opportunities 2024 and beyond will bring at Monmouthshire Building Society and community’

Beverly Flood

Trends for 2024 – Emerging A.I.

The growing emergence of generative AI with Chat GPT as well as an increasing presence of AI automation in the workplace, its ability to shift through high volumes of data and perform more complex tasks is unprecedented in providing greater efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage.

However, it has left many business leaders with the dilemma of how best to implement it to serve their organisations and its impact on their workforce. Despite Elon Musk’s recent affirmation that “AI will make jobs kind of pointless”, this seems unlikely.

According to the Harvard Business School ‘Contrary to humans, AI abilities are only responsive to the data available to it, whereas humans can imagine, anticipate, feel, and judge changing situations.

These abilities are unique to humans, which means that while AI has its place in removing some repetitive tasks, business owners will need to ensure their employees are equipped with relevant digital skills in the future to work with AI models and establish what new skills they require to benefit their businesses moving forward.


2023 award nominations- Business Leader & EntreConf

awards ceremony
awards ceremony

This year we celebrated our 7 year anniversary! We are so proud of everything that we have achieved so far at H2R Selection and are super excited for 2024 and beyond!

xmas jumpers

And we would like to wish you all a very merry festive period, and a prosperous 2024.