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Meet Alexandra: A Recruitment Case Study

At H2R, ‘hire to retire’ is our motto, and we truly believe in supporting both our candidates and clients on their journey – right through from hiring to retiring.

Back in 2018, I was busy consulting for existing clients and meeting potential candidates to support their HR growth. I like to call it ‘match making for business’! And on one hot sunny day, I met Alexandra; a motivated and driven professional. I wanted to give you an insight into Alexandra’s journey since we met, sharing a bit about her experience as an H2R candidate!

The Client: Vistra

I’d been working on a consultancy basis for Vistra, so had a really clear understanding of what their recruitment needs were. Not only from a skillset and qualifications perspective, but in terms of their personality and team fit. Understanding the business brand, values and culture was key. And the moment I met Alexandra, I just knew that the opportunity at Vistra was for her.

After 3 interviews, meeting the team and speaking with the Vice President in the US, we had that exciting call where she was made an offer. Then the next phase of her journey began!

Throughout her on-boarding period and over the next few months, I kept in regular contact with Alexandra to see how she was getting on – and I still do today. It is such a rewarding feeling knowing that Alexandra is getting on so well at Vistra. This is why we love what we do!


So, let’s meet Alexandra!

I recently spoke to Alexandra to find out how she’s been getting on in her role, as well as gaining insights into her experience with H2R Selection.

How did you feel in your first 6 months?

If I’m honest I actually found my role to be a mix of both really exciting and really challenging during the first 6 months. I’d previously come from a role that had become very routine and didn’t offer many opportunities to learn anything new, therefore when I joined Vistra it was a bit of a shock to the system to be a part of something that was so fast-paced and where learning something new every day was the nature of the role.

I’m also part of a team of extremely knowledgeable professionals all coming from a HR/legal background, so was quite in awe of the level and variety of skill within the team. I did however find that each day I conquered something different that initially seemed quite difficult, and each day I felt a new sense of achievement which gave me more and more confidence over time. 

How do you feel now?

I am now pleased to say that after 6+ months in my new role, I feel as if I have been at Vistra for years and I am confident in my new skills and knowledge within International HR. I feel that my experiences during my time so far have taught me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and that even when presented with a difficult problem, there is always a solution. I feel that my role has also taught me to be able to think on my feet and has hugely developed my researching skills.

I also work within a wonderful team, whereby each of my colleagues has been able to help me develop my skills further and provide support when needed and I’m looking forward to my future at Radius/Vistra. Following my experience, I would encourage anyone that is thinking of taking that next step in their career to absolutely go for it, because it’s surprising what you can achieve in terms of personal development in only 6 months with the right role.

What are your highlights so far at Vistra?

I’m pleased to say there have been many highlights during my short time at Vistra so far, including having my blog on mental health in the workplace published, in addition to creating a webinar on global equality going live on all of the businesses website and social media outlets. As I’d never done anything like this in my previous roles, it felt like a real achievement and something I could be proud of.

An additional highlight was a recent site visit to one of my clients to carry out a HR audit, which was a really valuable experience and it was great to be able to meet a client on a face to face basis as so much of what we do is via technology.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I would say that honestly there aren’t many typical days within my role, as it is so varied and different on a daily basis which I love! My role does however involve liaising with clients who wish to expand all over the world on a daily basis and therefore require guidance on how to be compliant with local legislation in addition to offering their employees a market-standard employment and benefits package.

Depending on our client’s needs, one day I could be preparing a UK employment contract or handbook for a client, however on another day I could be assisting a client in determining the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement for their French employing entity or researching compulsory employee training in South Korea and how our client should implement this.

More complex tasks have included Grievance and Disciplinary investigations, Redundancy processes and employment tribunals. The role is so varied that a lot of the time I’m carrying out a task for the first time, therefore I find that I learn so many new things every day which is really rewarding.

What would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months, I’d like to continue to build on my experience within International HR and take on further clients so that development my skills so that I am able to undertake more complex HR issues and carry out more on-site services including staff training in areas such as workplace equality and management training. In the future I would like to work up to consultant level like many of my colleagues, leading advice with some of Vistra’s key clients.

How would you describe your experience with H2R Selection?

 My experience with H2R has been very positive. The recruitment process for my role was quite extensive, with 3 interviews and much preparation, however I found that H2R were quick to provide regular updates and worked very closely with me throughout my journey to being offered the role. I really felt H2R took great care in ensuring I was kept in the loop in between interviews and also felt they were as excited as I was when I got the role! I’d certainly recommend H2R to any of my peers looking to find a role within HR.