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Christmas Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter


2020 was all going to plan and then the world shut down! It’s not until this happens you realise what is important in life. My view on this is HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. Throughout this year I have made a conscious effort to help people even if they are not in my industry. If I can help then I will. Simple things!! I read a quote recently which was “we might not be in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm!” 

Throughout the Pandemic I have felt completely reassured and supported from my Manager, Richard at H2R Selection and I have learnt so much on a daily basis which I will incorporate into the services I provide my clients and candidates. 

We are almost on the other side of this now Stay strong and resilient!


Top Tips for HR

How to make your Christmas team festivities fun this year

The fact that we have never had to think about a ‘virtual Christmas party’ ever before demonstrates what a year this has been and how quickly the world has changed. We have all got used to zoom calls daily, even facetiming our parents or loved ones who we cannot just pop in and see. This year at least, virtual Christmas parties will fill a gaping hole in family and workplace festivities.

If you have got a positive attitude and the right enthusiasm for throwing a virtual Christmas party,
here are 4 reasons why you should:

Great for remote connection – Chances are that at least one of your party goers would not have been able to make it to the party anyway. Virtual Christmas parties keep family and work relationships solid, no matter how far away you are.

So many ideas – The possibilities for a virtual Christmas party are virtually endless. You can adapt any of the ideas below to suit your team and keep the festive cheer flowing.

Super flexible – Not needing to travel anywhere means that you can have back to back party dates without even leaving your house!! 

Great practice for the future – The workplace in the future will have a much larger demand for a virtual Christmas party than an in-office one. More and more workers are going remote, meaning that if you are planning on hosting a Christmas bash each year, this first one will be a great chance to see what works for your team.

Jason is 2 months in and said “the whole team at Akzo Nobel have been incredibly welcoming and have set me up to succeed. I’m developing my People Strategy for the Deco Business for 2021 so plenty to keep me busy!” We wish Jason the best of luck in his new role!

Here are some great ideas to keep up morale and have a bit of fun in a safe way.

1. Online Secret Santa
Ok this will cost a little more, but we all know Amazon and Delivery companies will be in full action. Maybe have a theme!!

2. Award ceremony
We can all get creative and you could make this fun and get everyone in the spirit. Also, a great way of demonstrating recognition.

3. Christmas Ice Breakers
A funny way to see how well you know your colleagues or not as the case may be

4. Lifestyle vouchers
There will be a time when we can all go out shopping and socialising again so why not introduce lifestyle vouchers. 

5. Virtual food delivery and a games afternoon
We all love to shop local now and what better way that to support your local café or bar with food order. It may take a bit of planning but a great idea for a team lunch or brunch!! And while you are there how about an online quiz! 



Congratulations – Big well done to –                                           

Samantha Bollema– HR Recruitment Assistant – Bath University

We love building long term relationships with our candidates and are always excited when they land a new role! We met Samantha over a year ago when she was the HR Assistant at Centre of Dentistry. Fast forward a little and Sam has settled in incredibly well at Bath University. Sam has just celebrated her ONE YEAR anniversary ‘the whole team at Bath University have been incredibly welcoming and she has had the opportunity to work with the International Students which is really exciting for her. 

Well done Sam, we just knew this role was perfect for you!!


Client News

Legacy brands

Legacy Brands

We started working with Legacy Brands back in October of this year and absolutely love everything that they stand for.  A brand-new business which has grown rapidly over the last 2 months especially during lockdown which is quite some achievement.

Some of the things we have implemented range from Contractual support and recruitment and talent mapping.  An exciting & busy time for the business and a great product line, watch this space!!



We have been working with Cre8ion for some time now and really believe in their brand, They really do set themselves above the rest with their cross-sector approach which combines design, web design, editorial and video, optimised for multiple media streams. They can do it all!! 

We have worked closely with the team with a new Absence Management Policy and process. Exciting times ahead with more growth on the cards. 

SM Gauge


A busy time for S.M Gauge Company, a family business founded in 1976 in Bristol, and has grown to become one of the leading UK suppliers of pressure gauge instrumentation and related services. Like all businesses in this climate, there are daily challenges so when they approached us to support them with HR, we were able to ensure we provided hands on advice, guidance, and protection throughout.

Need HR Support?

As part of our HR Service you will have a dedicated Qualified HR Account Manager who is on hand throughout.

We want to add value to your business with trust and commitment at the forefront. Building strong relationships with our clients is what we do. We have your business needs at the heart of what we do. Get in touch