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New Year Blues

Feeling de-motivated following the Christmas Break?

H2R Selection have put together some top tips of how to get back on track…

Talk to people

A career coach can be a great help but friends, family members and social connections can also be a great source of advice when you are feeling de-motivated. Family and friends will be able to help you get back on track as well as supporting you through setbacks and celebrating your successes.


You have probably heard this many times that exercise is the answer to everything. That’s because it often is! Going for a walk, to the gym or even to an exercise class will make you feel a lot better. Your physical wellbeing flows back into your emotional well-being and helps you to work and focus clearly.

Make a career action plan

Set goals and timelines, identify the resources you will need, monitor your progress and share your plan with others to make yourself accountable. This will re-energise your mind and ensure you are clear on what you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term. When people do well and get the kinds of careers that they want it isn’t down to luck, they’ve made it happen!

Get motivated

There are usually a number of options that could help bring about the career focus that you are after. Some will be easier for you to achieve than others, but whatever you choose, you have to genuinely be motivated to do it, otherwise it’s likely to fail. Be honest with yourself about what really motivates you and then focus on it with everything you have.

Contact us if you think H2R Selection could help your people maintain their spark in the New Year!

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