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Motivating Employees

Motivating Employees

Saying Thank you and appreciating employees isn’t that hard!

How many times do you say thank you for your employee’s contribution and show how much they value you? Once, twice or maybe only at your employees annual appraisal?

At H2R Selection we find that small gestures and tokens of appreciation spread throughout the year help employees feel valued all year long.

H2R Selection would love to share some insights into how to express your appreciation to employees in the workplace…

Say thank you

Show your appreciation for their hard work and contributions. You could even create ‘branded thank you cards’ to send out to employees. A more gracious, polite workplace is appreciated by all.

Almost everyone appreciates food

Take staff to lunch for a special occasion or for no reason at all. Let your employee pick the restaurant. Or, order pizza or lunch from a caterer that delivers.

Present a gift

Know your employee’s interests well enough to present a small gift occasionally. An appreciated gift, and the gesture of providing it, will light up your employee’s day.

Offer opportunity

Employees want opportunity for further development and training. By offering more opportunity it will ensure that your employee feels engaged and valued. It will also prevent your employee looking elsewhere and support your organisations succession plan.

Financial incentives

End of the year bonuses, attendance bonuses, quarterly bonuses and gift certificates say “thank you” quite nicely.

Bring in cakes, doughnuts or any other treats for staff and co-workers

Offerings such as cookies or cupcakes, that you’ve baked personally, are a huge hit. You could even create a cake baking competition and reward the best baker!

At H2R Selection we believe that by implementing some or all of the above will bring you success in employee motivation, employee recognition and in building a positive, productive workplace.

Contact us if you think H2R Selection could help your people maintain their spark in the New Year!

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