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Lighthouse Schools Partnership

Relationships are everything!

Here at H2R Selection we care so much about our clients and candidates and develop long term, lasting relationships.

Our next HR professional actually became a client before a candidate back in 2018! Often we find that we meet candidates first and then they become a client over time.

We have actually placed him not once, but twice into successful organisations over the last few years. He has also attended most of our HR events during 2018 and 2019 (back in the day when we were able to hold face to face events!).

Here is a little bit more about how Konstantinos is getting on 18 months into his role at the Lighthouse Schools Partnership….

Konstantinos Perdikis – HR Advisor – Lighthouse Partnerships

What is your job role?

HR Advisor

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me is to be the point of contact with all our school members in all issues regarding Recruitment, Employee performance and employee cases, policies and sickness absenteeism.

How did you feel in your first 6 months?

Pretty excited. I got to deal with members of staff from 24 schools as a consultant. This helped me understand better the range of my responsibilities and how to develop my customer service expertise further.

How do you feel now 1 year on / Career highlights?

I feel like I belong to a wonderful team. My work is intense and I like the challenge. My line manager has involved me in more complex projects and it is fulfilling.

What would you like to achieve in your next 12 months?

While I like the Team I am working with and the purpose of the Trust plays a big role in my motivation, I feel that my experience as HR manager can lead me to more purposeful and challenging endeavours. I would like to be responsible for the strategic objectives of the organisation.

How would you describe your journey / experience with H2R Selection?

Richard and Bryonie have supported me excellently when I needed it. They have played a substantial role in being able to be appointed in 2 of the 3 posts I have had in the last few years. Richard has also helped me keep myself relevant and up-to-date with organising networking activities and seminars related to HR.

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