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Benefits of HR Consultancy

What is HR Consulting? Why hire an HR consultancy? And most importantly, what are the benefits!

HR consultancy is carried out by advisors and consultants (such as ourselves) who focus on identifying problems and improvement areas, as well as, providing solutions through effective policies and processes. At H2R Selection we pride ourselves on the work we do and the support we provide and between us, we have over 100years of combined experience! But enough about us 😉 on to the benefits:

1. Experts: We live, eat and breathe HR on a daily basis meaning that we are experts in our field and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

2. Flexibility: As everyone knows, flexibility is key, by choosing to work with a HR consultancy you can pick a package which suits you and your business.

3. Objective: An HR consultancy firm can offer objective, unbiased opinions and are able to provide advice, recommendations, and support.

4. Employee relations, development, training, and benefits: for point four, four positives. Employee retention and relationships are really important for business growth and at H2R Selection we help maintain employee motivation levels, enhance staff performance, identify the right training to develop the correct skills and, ensure your employees are adding value to your company whilst retaining them at the same time.

5. Legal Compliance / Troubleshooting: Compliance is key (literally!) all employers must have policies and processes in place to meet legal obligations. As a business owner you are expected to wear many hats (as the saying goes) but this can be incredibly challenging and one small misstep or mistake can result in some pretty hefty problems.

6. Urgent response: Sometimes issues can escalate quickly and arise when you least expect, it is reassuring to know that someone is just a phone call away.

7. Saving time and money: Consultancies are much more cost effective than taking on a HR professional, and at H2R Selection we can offer HR support for as little as £149 per month and are only ever just a phone call or an email away.

Whether you have 3 employees or 500 employees, all businesses, regardless of size need HR expertise and need to ensure they are operating within legal guidelines and framework. As outlined in this article there are of course many benefits to using a HR consultancy and if after reading this article you still have questions, we recommend that you give us a call: 01172141550 to book in for a free HR health check, or connect with one of the HR team on LinkedIn:

Richard Freke 

Sarah Young